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Who are the Tuskegee Heirs

From the minds of local Atlanta illustrator, Marcus Williams and children’s book author Greg Burnham comes the “Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny” comic series. Tuskegee Heirs is a futuristic sci-fi adventure that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators, who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization. The duo looks to pay homage to the historic Tuskegee Airmen, while bringing forth a new set of character rich, young heroes. With a graphic novel set to release mid 2016, Marcus and Greg intend to push this project towards animation.


What's Different about this story?

What’s special about Tuskegee Heirs is that the project boldly places 5 black youths firmly as the main characters while highlighting both African American history and world history alike. On Friday, Jan 15 2016, the two producers launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of both the comic series and possibly raise funds for the production of an animated pilot short to be pitched to Netflix. The campaign reached it’s primary goal of $10,000 within 7 hrs and 45 mins of launching it and is still raising funds as we speak. The Kickstarter link is here

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Volume 1 Graphic Novel

Very few stories published to date has attempted to present both a brave young black cast while presenting a polished view of history to audiences ranging from ages 7 to 70. The producers of this concept have already begun to change history by rallying the support of fans that have expressed that they are fully ready to see a series that dares to change the comic and animation industry. As producers poised to reach nearly every industry including comics, animation, video games, and the silver screen, we would like to spread the word about the upcoming series to as many outlets as possible.


Now that our successful Kickstarter campaign is over, for those that missed the chance to pre-order their copy of the books, we are now offering special pledge packages that will lock in your chance to receive you very own right here on the site once the books have been printed up. Simply select the pledge package below that has exactly what you want when the book drops. For questions or comments, please contact us via the Facebook Page or our email TuskegeeHeirs@gmail.com

If you would like to Pre-Order the books, please be aware that the books have not been printed yet and that we aim to begin printing in late July 2016. Thank You.


Pre-Order Digital Copies of Graphic Novels 1 & 2 | $20 File: PDF


Pre-Order Physical Vol 1 | $25 Graphic Novel: Trade Paperback, 3 story issues per volume, 22 story pages per issue, Color Pages, Additional Character & Fan art per issue


Pre-Order Physical Vol 1 & 2 | $50 Graphic Novels: Trade Paperback, 3 story issues per volume, 22 story pages per issue, Color Pages, Additional Character & Fan art per issue

$80 PRE-ORDER PHYSICAL VOL 1 & 2 + Extras

Pre-Order Physical Vol 1 & 2 + Extras | $80 Graphic Novels, Poster, Sticker, Dog Tag

Donate to Tuskegee Heirs

Just want to donate to the vision? Feel free to click the image above and donate whatever you can. Thank you for your support!

The Long-Term Goal

We’ve been asked many times now in many interviews following the Kickstarter what our long-term goals are. The best way we can explain this goal is that we want to bring this never before seen presentation of a team of gifted young black youth that marries Science Fiction and action-adventure with real history to the eyes and ears of a new generation of children to jump start a new paradigm of knowing yourself by knowing where you come from. Education is the foundation of our goal on all possible presentations whether it be comics, animation, video games, etc., and we plan to reach classrooms with these characters and their adventures to equip teachers with a fresh new way to hold the attention of young minds while simultaneously expanding those minds with new information that may never show up in academic history books.
We believe there is no platform that Tuskegee Heirs can’t stand on as a brand and be successful, and we have full confidence that this series will help to bring forth a new market for “Edutainment”. From the outpouring of support we have received up to this point, our current goal is to continue connecting with anyone that is passionate about pushing this vision forward and helping to change the perception of what can be processed on entertainment streams and printed media.


Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams

Illustrator and Co-Creator

A professional illustrator and comic artist of 15+ years, Marcus brings his experience of drawing and crafting high quality art and stories to this project. His comic career started by drawing and producing a wildly popular nationlly published comic entitled ``Hero Cats of Stellar City``. While working on this comic, Marcus fine tuned his understanding of the business of making, selling, marketing, and publishing comics by attending dozens of comic conventions and even comic retailer summits where he conversed and mingled with VP's from Marvel and DC comics.

Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham

Writer and Co-Creator

Author of two children's books, ``Broken Glass`` and ``Grandpa's Shoes``, Greg brings his passion for crafting impactful stories that resonate with youth and their families. Greg majored in history at Grambling State University. AAU basketball coach then I write books.


A quick teaser Short created by the awesome folks over at Powerhouse Animation Studios to cut the ribbon so to speak on the wonderful path we have ahead in making this series come to life. The Amazing Britt Traynham (Batsauce) is responsible for the Music so huge respect to him!

PowerHouse Animation Studio

In mid-January, illustrator Marcus Williams joined forces with writer Greg Burnham and launched a kickstarter for a new comic series, Tuskegee Heirs. Their Kickstarter reached nearly seven times its original goal and hit several stretch goals, including additional comic issues and merchandise development. Our team at Powerhouse Animation got the chance to work with them to create an action-packed cinematic for their Kickstarter. Read More…


What are Creator Sessions?

When the idea of having a behind the scenes look at what it was we were putting together came to mind, we needed a camera person that could make those concepts spring to life. Luckily, we ran into a brilliant young woman by the name of Brianna (A.K.A. The Brave Cat) that could do just that and the videos that followed are the first of many to come in the near future. Creator Sessions aims to put the fans in the passenger seat as we tackle the very large job of creating the Tuskegee Heirs series as well as bring forth a number of merchandise to aid in our branding process. Enjoy the videos, and look forward to more soon!

Creator Sessions Part 1

Listen as we thank our Kickstarter Campaign supporters, detail the pilots and their relationship, future plans for the series, and Kickstarter dynamics for backers.

Creator Sessions Part 2

Listen as we talk briefly about what inspires us as creators of Tuskegee Heirs.
**Note Correction, Nubia first appeared in 1973 In Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #204** Check the Wiki page about her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nubia_(comics)

Creator Sessions Part 3

Follow along as we check out the T-Shirt prototypes at Minuteman Press of Snellville, and talk briefly about our final days and details for the Kickstarter campaign.

How to follow the project?

You can keep up to date with news, art post, and more by following Tuskegee Heirs on Facebook & Twitter. For questions and comments you can email us at tuskegeeheirs@gmail.com.

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